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Safety Program Goals

It is the policy of this firm that both long and short-term goals be set to be accomplished within our safety program. The goals established will be based on the needs of this firm to improve safety performance and to reduce operating expenses associated with accidents.

At the beginning of each year, we will set three major objectives to be accomplished during the year, these will be our long-term goals. Other short-term goals will be established as problems, needs or trends arise. Both types will be documented using the form shown on page 2.  Recognizing a problem and establishing a goal to overcome the problem are the primary steps; determining how to correct the problem is the real challenge. We must be practical and prudent in devising the strategy or game plan for reducing losses and improving our operation.

  1. Superintendents will submit by December 15 each year a list of three goals that should be addressed in the safety program for the following year.
  2. The goals should reflect the major problems preventing a job from being completed without accidents. Areas that should be considered include: Training (both supervisory and task training), maintenance, hiring practices, housekeeping, material handling, enforcement of rules and job procedures and use of personal protective equipment.There must be a strategy or game plan for the achievement of each goal. Be specific and practical.