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PennDOT Highway (Project List)

Lansdale Woodvine Connector, Montgomery County - 2013

 A $3.4M PennDOT funded municipal Design/Build project completed in 2014.  Project designed to alleviate traffic in the center of the Borough; featured extensive underground utility relocations, storm drainage, road realignment & reconstruction, concrete curb & sidewalks, traffic signals, street lighting, decorative crosswalks and landscaping. 


West Grove Borough Streetscape - 2016

  This $1.3M Traffic Calming and Streetscape project was designed to upgrade aging curb and sidewalk and by making the road more narrow; reduce traffic speed through the Borough.  In addition to the concrete work, the project included substantial utility relocations, storm drainage improvements and newly designed ADA Handicap Ramps.  Decorative street lighting was also added to the main commercial area.  The project was completed in 2016.     


Municipal (Project List)

City of Allentown / West End Theater District Phase II; Allentown Fairgrounds Improvement Project

Completed in 2014, this $ 1.6M project for the City of Allentown involved reconstructing the seven entrances the Allentown Fairgrounds and installing new decorative fencing around the perimeter.  Also included full-depth pavement reconstruction, concrete curb & sidewalk, brick piers, hardscaping and decorative crosswalks.


Limerick Township - West Cherry Lane

This 2016 project, this project had two separate work areas.  The major portion of the project involved reconfiguring the intersection of Limerick Center Road and West Cherry Lane.  A substantial profile change was engineered which removed a 4’ vertical curve and involved utility relocations, storm drainage, curb, sidewalk, excavation and full-depth road reconstruction.  The upper portion of the project included installation of a large concrete precast concrete endwall, rip-rap aprons, curb, sidewalk and a modular block retaining wall.  Project value was $800K. 



















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Site Development (Project List)

People First Credit Union / Bethlehem

$500K Site development project in Bethlehem Township, PA; completed in 2015.  Project scope include demolition, excavation, sanitary sewer, water service, storm drainage, concrete curb, concrete sidewalk, full-depth asphalt paving and PennDOT Highway Occupancy improvements. 





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Athletic Tracks, Fields, Courts (Project List)

University of Pennsylvania / Franklin Field Track  

 This $2.5M project involved the reconstruction of the running track at historic Franklin Field and was completed in 2015.  The scope of work included demolition and reconstruction of the existing track to a new alignment and elevation, electric, storm sewer, water service upgrades, new field events, polyurethane surfacing and hardscape reconstruction to the Plaza adjacent to the Track.
















Penn State University & Abington School District / Memorial Turf Field

Completed in 2014, this $ 1.0M project was funded by Penn State on the property of the Abington School District.  The scope of work for our project involved the fine-grading for the field subgrade and the installation and fine-grading of the crushed stone subbase in preparation for installation of a polyurethane layer and synthetic field surface installed by AstroTurf.



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