Marino Corporation
1400 Cressman Road
P.O. Box 1209
Skippack, PA 19474

610.584.1800 phone
610.584.8244 fax


marinocollage3.jpgMarino Corporation is a highway, site and recreational contractor founded in 1999 by Richard M. Marino and his two sons, Richard and Mark. They wanted to continue their desire to build a company that was respected by its peers, loved by their customers and whose employees are loyal and dedicated.

Our Mission

To set and maintain industry standards for honesty and integrity. Seek out and incorporate leading edge corporate technologies. Cultivate strategies and initiatives that will optimize the service, performance and capabilities of the organization. Hire the most intelligent, value based and individually motivated people. Foster internal and external environments that facilitate a continually learning organization.

Our Vision

Our view of the world is one of unlimited potential and enlightenment. Our goal is to seek out people and companies that challenge the status quo, this is not easy. We desire to continually push the envelope, to challenge not only ourselves, but our ideas, our innovations, and our very presence and existence in the marketplace. We not only want to serve the market, we want to make the market. Come share it with us, we trust that you will find it a most rewarding venture.